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Optimize the hiring experience for you and the candidate

Focus your efforts on the right candidates

Limit bias and Improve D&I Outcomes

End the headaches of your hiring process.

See how it works in 90 seconds 

The eHire Platform provides an intuitive and fast hiring process that ensures effective, reliable results. Our comprehensive prehire screen provides employers with the tools they need to quickly and accurately assess candidates, so they can make the best hiring decisions.

No long term commitments.
No contracts.
No...... Really!

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Matt Longhofer, Resolution Finance

"We were extremely pleased with the quality of candidates eHire provided our company.  In the past, we filled openings by posting on job boards.  After being inundated with hundreds of resumes, many of which were unqualified candidates, we decided a different approach was in order. eHire allowed me to focus on running my business instead of undertaking the most time consuming and administrative tasks of hiring." 

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Peter McCreary, United One Source

"I was pleased to be one of the first customers of eHire Solutions.  Traditionally, I would have sourced my own candidates through the popular job boards but found that to be a massive undertaking with too many candidates that all looked the same.  Even when I found a candidate, I often wondered if there was a better one available if I had the time to continue looking.  eHire screened my entire candidate pool and delivered qualified candidates that met my expectations."

"eHire allowed me to focus on my business instead of undertaking the most time consuming and administrative tasks of hiring."
"eHire screened my entire candidate pool and delivered qualified candidates that met my expectations."
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Why We Do
What We Do

About eHire Solutions:

eHire believes the most successful companies have employees whose values match the organization's and are a great fit for their job.

We exist to eliminate the most time-consuming hiring activities, effectively screen and evaluate all candidates, and identify those that are qualified.  This allows our clients to focus on their business and only invest their valuable time on the right candidates.

 About Chris Kime:

During my 31 years in the corporate world, the hiring process frustrated me with too many examples of hiring someone that was not the right fit for the job.  The lack of success and fulfillment of the individual along with the tremendous cost to the company, drove me to find a better way.  I researched and tested different strategies that ultimately defined the process eHire employs.

It's fulfilling to hear a client describe how the eHire system allowed them to make great hires without wasting their valuable time.  Hiring the right people leads to employees who love their job while delivering terrific results.  Of course, having great employees represent your company leads to delighted customers.


I hope you will allow eHire to help you Hire Right and Hire Now. 


2833 Crockett St, Suite 136

Fort Worth Texas 76107

(888) 983-4473

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