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Bias In Hiring

Bias is a natural part of being human.

We all have bias, but when it comes to hiring, we need to

minimize the effect, wherever possible.

What happens when we allow bias in the hiring process?

Diversity suffers. I’m talking about all aspects of diversity

including culture, gender, age, etc. Put simply, people are more comfortable with those like

themselves. This is known as the affinity bias. Managers tend to

hire people with whom they have more in common, as long as

they have proper experience and education.

Have you ever heard someone who used their gut or intuition when

making a decision? Though it’s unintended, this too, can be an

example of bias. The downside of bias is an organization becomes homogenous,

when unchecked. The team often suffers from group think. In

normal times, it can minimize innovation. In times of crisis, it

becomes problematic because new ideas can be limited when

they are needed most. The company also becomes less attractive to many great

potential employees if they don’t look like the team. Why? Because the candidate has bias, as well. Though bias cannot be completely eliminated, it can be reduced

in the hiring process.

Using job fit assessments and 1-way videos can be very effective

in minimizing bias. Assessments measure an individual’s innate personality, and

some evaluate critical thinking ability. They don’t see differences

in how someone looks, how old they are, or other physical

attributes. Assessments also provide a consistent measurement

tool when applied to all applicants.

1-Way Video Interviews can replace the use of phone screen

calls. Phone screens are typically done by one person and their

unconscious bias can come into play. Sharing the video and

allowing a diverse group of individuals to evaluate the candidate,

can reduce the impact of any one individual’s bias. Note: It’s also

a good idea to have each evaluator provide their feedback without

knowing what the others said.

eHire Solutions provides a platform with both assessments and 1-

way videos. Along with identifying good fit candidates, we can

also help you minimize bias in your hiring process.

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