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Video in the Hiring Process

HR teams were forced to adapt to the many of challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic. The use of virtual interviews was one necessity that is now becoming a preferred tool by many organizations.

In fact, 86% started using video during the pandemic and most say they will continue. Let’s review the reasons why.


As mentioned in a previous blog, it is considerably more convenient for both the hiring manager and the applicant.

With 1-way initial interviews, the candidate records on their time. They can choose a place that is more comfortable, and a time they are most prepared.

Hiring managers have a lot on their plate. Being able to view the video, when they have time, allows them to manage their priorities and focus on high value activities.

Video is just easy, and the ease of the hiring process can often influence a great candidate’s view of your organization. In the battle for talent, every advantage counts.


Observing a candidate answering questions provides multi-dimensional insights. Most have heard that a majority of communication is non-verbal. Think body language versus the spoken words.

Body language is often a key determiner of consistency between the tone and words used. Hiring managers have learned that video provides much better insight than just a phone conversation.


Video interviewing can increase access to a more diverse candidate pool by removing the limitation of proximity. Remote employees can live almost anywhere which means applicants can be sourced from almost anywhere.

Larger applicant pools mean the local diverse candidates are not the only ones you can consider.


Time is money and on-demand video saves the hiring team a lot of time. Not just scheduling, but the fact that a recorded video can be shared with all those evaluating the candidates.

Some tools even allow viewers to score and comment within the video application. This brings all the candidate information in a single platform eliminating paper or multiple emails.

Everyone involved in the hiring process can go to one place to view an interview and provide their feedback without juggling schedules.


1-way videos allow for multiple people to evaluate a candidate. Tools like eHire Solution’s hiring platform allow each viewer to score and comment individually. Since they don’t see each other’s inputs, it minimizes the opportunity for a single person’s influence.

For all these reasons, the use of video in the hiring process is here to stay.

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