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Why is hiring painful and ideas to make it better! Part 3 of 4; Ways To Improve Hiring

In Part 2, we identified the costs associated with hiring and bigger costs of making a bad hire. But how can the hiring process be improved?

Here’s a couple of ideas I’ve learned over my 31 years in business, hiring hundreds of people.

Assess applicants

Industrial psychologists have developed proven methods to test an individual’s cognitive, behavioral, and motivational fit for a given job. There are plenty of assessment companies that offer tools that a company can use.

My experience, with assessments, has been very positive. They really do provide a highly accurate view of an individual’s ability to succeed, and likelihood they will enjoy a job.

I’ve taken a few of these assessments and it’s amazing how well they were able to describe the way I think, activities I enjoy, and how I am motivated.

Bottom line, assessments are great to help you identify individuals who are a good fit for a job.

Use on-demand video technology

Stop wasting time setting up and doing a phone screen. Instead, watch the individual answer questions on a video.

This is super convenient for both the applicant and hiring resource. Both do their thing on their time. The applicant can record when they have the time and are mentally prepared. The hiring resource can view the recording when convenient.

This could also offer a differentiated experience for the applicant. They may see your company as more progressive than most and that could provide the boost to help you win a great candidate.

The video can also be shared with others to help vet an individual. This means a lower potential for bias. Bias is more prevalent than most realize and there are consequences. Read more about bias, in hiring, in an upcoming blog.

Either of these options improves the hiring process for both the company and the applicant. But I advocate utilizing both tools.

Read more in Part 4 of this blog series.

Happy Hiring

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