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Why is hiring painful and ideas to make it better! Part 4 of 4; A Better Way

In Part 3 of this blog, I suggested using both an assessment and video.

Yup, use an assessment with a 1-way video interview. This way the hiring resource can easily narrow the list of applicants to invite to onsite interviews. The decision is more objective and allows all applicants to be considered equally, not just those we have time to get to.

Note: This is way better for the applicant, as well. If hired, they will have a high probability of success in the job, be highly engaged, and enjoy their work….. IF…… They are a cultural fit. We share insights on a cultural fit in an upcoming blog.

There’s another big benefit of using assessments and 1-way interviews. It allows the onsite interview to focus on making sure the individual is a good cultural fit with the company and compatibility with their potential team.

Most onsite interviews are used to ascertain an applicant’s skills, experience, and likability. Surprisingly, none are a good measure of potential success in a job and very few interviewers are able to truly determine skills and experience. Check out an upcoming blog to learn the best predictors of job success.

Let’s summarize my preferred hiring process:

  1. Assess applicants against a job profile

  2. Use 1-way interview to capture screening responses

  3. Focus onsite interview on cultural fit with company and compatibility with the supervisor and team

I created eHire Solutions to provide companies with an easy way to utilize this process. eHire provides a single platform to capture applicant information and resume, determine they meet minimum requirements, an assessment for the specific job, and a 1-way on-demand interview.

Whether you use eHire or not, I hope you’ll consider the advantages assessments and video recording provide in the hiring process. I’m confident you will improve the quality of your hires and get them onboard faster.

Of course, using eHire would be the prudent choice!

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