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The Most Frequent Questions We Are Asked

Is eHire Solutions just another job board?

No.  Companies like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed are a resource in the hiring process.  Think of eHire as an enabler allowing you the ability to quickly identify the best qualified and capable candidates that are worth your time. 

What does the eHire process assess?

We assess cognitive and behavioral fit for the position for which a candidate is applying.   Additionally, we provide insight into a candidate's interpersonal communication skills.  This ensures that you'll never have to ask the question "How did this person get through to me?"

I already have a Human Resources department so why would I need eHire Solutions?

HR professionals are too valuable a resource to waste their time on administrative and time consuming hiring activities.  By partnering with eHire, HR resources will focus on the most important aspects of the hiring process.  With more time, they can work on more meaningful projects that create value for the company such as employee engagement, rewards and recognition, succession planning, and employee wellbeing.

As an HR Professional, what will be my role in the hiring process should I use eHire?

You will redefine the hiring experience taking advantage of eHire's process and technology.  You will assess the qualified individuals eHire will be highlighting for you, rather than reviewing resumes and performing phone screens. Additionally, you will ensure that only qualified candidates are being considered by the hiring team.  Lastly, you will track the performance of each hire so that there is a business justification for continuing to use eHire services. 

How can eHire help us in situations such as Covid-19 pandemic?

The eHire process can greatly reduce the number of candidates that you'll come into contact with.  This helps reduce the risk to you and your team members during a time of a pandemic where social distancing is important.

Why does eHire use assessments and how do I know they are valid?

Assessments have been recognized and embraced by progressive companies for over 50 years.  Assessment instruments are created by industrial psychologists who have determined that they can predict if an individual is a good fit for a role based upon having the candidate answer a battery of questions.  The EEOC makes it clear that no assessment may discriminate based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability.  EEOC goes further by stating that assessments cannot be used if they disproportionately exclude people in a particular group by race, sex, or another covered basis, unless the employer can justify the test or procedure under the law.  You can be assured that all assessments offered by eHire are validated to ensure that they are in compliance with all regulatory requirements including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964..

How does eHire charge for their service?

Unlike other third party recruiters who charge 20-35% of the candidates first year income, eHire doesn't charge any premium above the monthly subscription amount.  The monthly subscription fee for each position you're working with us to fill is your only charge, and it ends when you no longer need our service.

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