About eHire Solutions

eHire believes the most successful companies have employees whose values match the organization's and are a great fit for their job.

We exist to help our clients accomplish this by providing an effective system that evaluates ands identifies good fit candidates before investing their valuable time.  This allows them to focus on their core competencies while still hiring individuals who are a great fit for the company.

About Chris Kime-Founder

During my 31 years in distribution, the hiring process has always frustrated me.  It took longer than it should and there were too many examples of hiring someone that was not right for the job.  The cost to the company and the lack of success and fulfillment for the individual motivated me to find a better way.  I researched and tried different strategies to make improvements that ultimately defined the process eHire employs.


It's fulfilling to hear a client describe how the eHire system allows them to make great hires without wasting their valuable time.  Hiring the right person leads to happy and engaged employees that do great work which in turn leads customers to become raving fans.  I hope you will let eHire help you Hire Right and Hire Now